Tense during expressing


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Dr. Andrew Isaacs
DVM Diplomate ACVIM (Neurology)
Dogwood Veterinary Referral Center

Primary interests include intervertebral disc disease, seizure management, luxations/fractures of the spine, and surgery for brain tumors



My little doxie, tenses up when I express him. He won’t let me do it and he also cries.

When the vet does it he gets lots of urine out, but I can’t.  I squeeze a lot and nothing comes out. He’s tensing up. I heard there is a medication to help relax his muscles in the bladder. Do you know what it’s called.  And how much to take?  He weighs 18 lbs. Thanks.


I would talk to your veterinarian about trying a course of diazepam (Valium).  Typically, I use a dose of 0.5 to 1 mg/kg every 8 hours – giving the dose and then trying to express 30 minutes later.

Andrew Isaacs, DVM
Diplomate ACVIM (Neurology)



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