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This site was a life saver for me and for Ziggie !! I don’t think he would have made it without the information and advice I found here … thank you!!!! ~ Kristin

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I don’t think I could have done this on my own, and I will be forever grateful for your knowledge and kindness, but most importantly your generous willingness to share your time, advice, and experience. ~ Mark

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This site saved my life with all the valuable information it has. My little Abby came down with ivdd 3 almost 4 years ago. I was given information how to care and take care of her from the hospital, vets, etc. But I was able to come here on this site to get any necessary information I needed. I love this site. I will always be grateful for the information your site gave. ~Ginger

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DL advise, support & resources are invaluable! With DL & a few modifications to my home & yard, I kept my other 2 doxies safe from severe IVDD (one is now 17 yrs old). ~ Beverly

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Dodger’s List is the first place I went when my little dachshund went down. I learned things from them that even my vet didn’t tell me…like giving them 5 mg Pepcid AC 1/2 hour before giving them the steroids. I asked my vet and he then said yet it is a good idea. If not for Dodger’s List, I wouldn’t have known to ask. My dachshund made a full recovery with just crate rest, meds and a sling to aid him in going to the bathroom (another tip from Dodger’s list). I crocheted one that worked fantastic! Not only that, they gave me hope!!… ~Andrea

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