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At home care tips

No need to reinvent the wheel with at home nursing care during a disc episode.

  • ◽️Lots of member tips
  • ◽️Useful supplies
  • ◽️Review on bladder expressing
  • ◽️Cervical (neck) disc care and more.

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 ▼ CARE: ▫️Neck disc▫️Bladder care ▫️Acupuncture-laser ▫️Useful supplies ▫️ PT 


Extra home care tips for a NECK disc. READ MORE


Video and tips on expressing the bladder for a paralyzed dog. Expressing the bowel avoids your dog being upset with poop where he sleeps. READ MORE

During conservative treatment, locate a mobile vet for these therapies. Helps to avoid risky-to-the early-healing disc by having to transport your dog. MORE

Ideas to deliver effective crate rest recovery during Post Surgical or Conservative Medical treatments.  READ MORE

PT Rehab during conservative or post-op for paralyzed legs     READ MORE


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