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INDEX: All Things IVDD

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back problem
Conservative treatmentConservative Treatment: Quick overview of the 4 phases of healing with a disc episode. Meds, therapies, how healing happens. How you can help your dog heal.
How long should pain take to stop? Which meds are used? How to purchase meds cost effectively
NSAIDs vs. steroids? How long should a dog stay on medications to get the swelling down? Why is Pepcid AC needed?

How long for crate rest? What is the difference in crate rest with surgery or with conservative treatment?

What therapies can help with nerve repair? How long does nerve healing take? What are the neuro signs to look for?

When to decide on surgery?  Member reported surgical costs. How to choose a qualified surgeon? When is it too late for surgery? Surgery vs. Conservative?

Extra home care tips for a cervical disc episode.

Do I forever need to keep him in a protective bubble? How to make your home back friendly. Each dog IS a success story...find out why.

The difference between various kinds of acupuncture.  Where to find a qualified acupuncture or laser light therapy vet.

Why this therapy is not recommended for IVDD dogs.

Drs. Isaacs and Galle, DVM, ACVIM (Neurology) answer questions for the Dodgerslist Community.

Know your dog's meds. As at- home nurse you will need to monitor for side effects and report problems to the vet.

How to set up the recovery suite,  financial sources, rehab, easing back into family life, picking a wheelchair, supplements, food, how to find an IVDD vet, back brace concerns and more.
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