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Yes, you, the human. Hi! I’m a Dachshund and I’m prone to back problems. If you have a magnificent dog like me or know someone who does, it may be a good idea to share with them the important information in our free literature.

Free educational literature to distribute wherever you meet owners and their IVDD dog.  Dodgerslist’s mission is to educate disc disease is not fatal and dogs can live a good quality life.

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Educational literature to distribute wherever IVDD dogs are. All literature is free

Our mission is to educate that disc disease is not fatal and dogs can live a good quality of life. Select free literature from form below. 

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DODGERSLIST free Literature

Vet's DL intro letter

Introduce your vet to Dodgerslist! Click image to preview. Then download and print out for your vet

Wallet Card

2×3 Card, 2-sided.  Click image to preview.

3.5 x 5.5" Card

Will You Be Prepared? Click image to preview.

Combo Brochure

Combination of general IVDD information plus care tips. Click image to preview.

Strict Rest Recovery Brochure

Helpful tool for vets to use with clients. Care tips for at home to make strict rest go smoother.​ 

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