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Aid the Effort

There are many ways to help IVDD dogs

A small volunteer group does big things daily on a shoestring budget. Won’t you choose a way to help Dodgerslist in this important IVDD effort to make sure everyone knows that disc disease is not a death sentence? Many IVDD dogs live long, happy lives with their educated owners and veterinarian. 

Lend a hand where it suits you

See how others are connecting with the IVDD effort. Choose what appeals to you to help educate there are two treatments! Conservative treatment or surgery are for IVDD disc episodes.

Quarterly Digest subscription, priced at $8 so everyone can afford to help in a fun way!  The Digest helps to fund printing of brochures and cards for IVDD education around the world.

Since 2002, and until there is a cure for IVDD, Dodgerslist has had your dog's back

Looking good, sporting red IVDD tags

$6 each
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More ways to help educate:

Volunteers from around the world have joined Linda in a major effort to educate about IVDD. 

You can join in this important effort!

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