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Shortcut Thru IVDD

Neuro Corner Questions & Answers

Do supplements prevent disc episodes?

hemilaminectomy bone removal

Diagnosing FCE vs. IVDD

Thundershirts and Cool shirts

Large breeds and IVDD

Neck surgery consideration in certain circumstances

head lifting during sleep

Fat graft during surgery

When to re-image post op?

Vaccination cautions with recent disc episode, steroids

Timing pain medications

Tense during expressing

Rear sway and discomfort

Surgery indicators

Anti-inflammatories warrant stomach protection

Expectation for spinal cord healing

Sling for a wobbly dog

Seizures and IVDD linked?

Do anti-inflammatory drugs prevent disc episodes?

Pulling on leash-collar disc stress

Formation of spinal cord scar tissue

Nerve Root Signature Pain

How disc material is surgically removed

Random episodes of pain

Seroma a swelling around the incision

Popping sound in the back

Penis comes out of sheath treatments

Myelomalacia not anyones fault

Myelogram vs. MRI vs. Xrays

Multiple surgeries

Fenestration, why only adjacent discs?

Conservative treatment first?

MRI: potential surgery vs conservative

Possible for an MRI to miss a disc problem

Expected time for nerve healing

Leg spasms-kicking

Laser Disc Ablation (LDA)

Laser Light Therapy Contraindication

Does IVDD affect other diseases?

IVDD friendly activities

Why doxies are not little people with back problems

Head Tilt after a myelogram

Gait after surgery

Grunting a sign of pain

Dentals with an IVDD dog

Non-steroidals (NSAIDS) vs. Steroids

STRICT Rest length of time

Coonhound Paralysis

Fears with IVDD

Conservative treatment (medications, rest and time)

Chiropractic therapy (aka VOM)

Back braces – IVDD dog?

What to ask the surgeon

Prognosis- walking or spinal walking?

After crate rest activity


Arched or humped back

Panting cause

Cart dogs- Multiple disc issues possible?

Sleeping position

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