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What to ask the surgeon

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Neuro Corner Answers

Dr. Andrew Isaacs
DVM Diplomate ACVIM (Neurology)
Dogwood Veterinary Referral Center

Primary interests include intervertebral disc disease, seizure management, luxations/fractures of the spine, and surgery for brain tumors



Hi! We are bringing our 9.5 year old female dachshund to see a neurologist. Her regular doctors seem to think she has IVDD, which I think she has too from what I read. We are bringing her meds that her vet put her on (pain killer, muscle relaxer) and was wondering what questions I should ask the neurologist.


We are sorry to hear that your Dachshund may have neurologic problems and we wish her a speedy recovery.

As long as you are seeing board-certified neurologist (ACVIM), your pet will be in good hands and you shouldn’t have to ask too many questions.  The main questions that should be answered or addressed after the neurologist evaluates you pet  are:

1. Is this a neurologic problem?
2. Is a neurologic work-up indicated (ie. myelogram, catscan, MRI, spinal tap, blood tests)?
3. What are my treatment options (medical versus surgical)?
4. What is the expected prognosis and outcome with each treatment option?

Best of luck with your pet!

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