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Disc disease (IVDD) is not a death sentence for dogs

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– Jonathan M. Levine,
DVM, ACVIM Neurology, Texas A & M University

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There is good hope!

 Disc disease (IVDD) is not a death sentence. It IS in the cards for all dogs to get back to enjoying life again with their family after a disc episode. Make sure you are giving the gift of STRICT rest. Strict rest is not your dog in a cage. It’s a “recovery suite” with room service!

Strict rest protects the healing disc and spinal cord! Tell your pup all is going to be ok, because it will be!   Don’t make any decisions you cannot reverse! 

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#1 single most important care

Restrict movement at once  (recovery suite options: ex-pen, Pack ‘n Play, wire crate)

At first suspicion of a disc problem (shivering/trembling, yelping, reluctance to move, arched back, head held high or low, wobbly walk, front or back leg paralysis), using a recovery suite keeps the disc from further tearing.

The recovery suite will help keep the dog from further injuring the spinal cord that could potentially lead to paralysis and loss of bladder control.

STRICT rest could avoid an expensive surgery.

Get to a vet ASAP

The right diagnosis and the  right  medications just as soon as possible means protection for the spinal cord with IVDD!

The sooner medications are on board, the sooner healing can get underway, pain can be brought under control, and deterioration of neuro functions can be avoided.

Transport carefully using a crate padded out with rolled-up towels on either side of the dog to prevent movement or jarring the spine when braking or turning corners. Keep in mind disc disease (IVDD) is not a death sentence.


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