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Dog's Back pain

— What is Intervertebral Disc Disease?
— How to care for a disc episode?
— When should I see a vet?

All breeds welcome

Suspect IVDD? Do this now:

#1 Restrict Movement

How to set up for crate rest: surgical or non-surgical treatment
Restrict movement at once with any sign of dog's back pain to avoid more nerve damage and a possible surgery. Recovery suites such as a wire ex-pen, Pack N Play or a wire crate are tolerated well by most dogs over the plastic airline crates.

#2 Get to a Vet ASAP

Time is of the essence to treatment. Hours matter. The sooner the dog receives medical treatment, the better the chance to lessen permanent neurological damage. The sooner meds are prescribed, the sooner there is full relief from pain.  

#3 Know Your Options

There are 2 treatment options for a disc episode.  Surgery or non-surgical (Meds + Rest.) Good communication, understanding and decision making with a vet leads to the best outcome for a furry friend. 

Shortcut Thru IVDD

Learn about IVDD treatments and living with an IVDD dog many happy years ahead.

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Don’t compare your dog to another. Each disc episode can be different. Ask questions specific about your dog. Lots of tips for good communications with your vet. Handy ideas for making the recovery time go smoother and ease your worries.

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Connections educate and save lives:

Disc disease is not a death sentence!

Dogs go on to live happy lives even if not walking right away. Others use a cart while waiting on nerve repair.
"The best part about the site is the information on what to do in an IVDD emergency. Too much stress and pain when a dog is paralyzed, the information and the support of knowing that everything can work out takes a great deal of stress off one’s heart." ~Shannon

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