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Quick IVDD overview

Understanding how healing works during a disc episode

What to expect during the phases of healing


Disc damage self repairs only with time and limited movement to allow scar tissue to form. 100% STRICT rest 24/7 for 8 weeks during conservative treatment.



Nerves self heal with time. Think in terms of months rather than days/weeks for slow healing nerves to regenerate enough to bring back bladder control and leg functions.



Medications are combined during a disc episode to:

  • protect stomach lining from bleeding ulcers
  • give quick comfort from pain within the hour, thereafter round the clock
  • rid the body of inflamed & painful spinal cord swelling in 7 to 30 days

Understand IVDD to help your dog

  • How a damaged disc impacts nerves in the spinal cord
  • Why limited movement protects the cord

Dr. Horsche, DVM: review of Disc Disease

RAMPS eliminate impact on a disc!


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