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Traction solution improvements

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3 solutions for improving traction for IVDD Dogs

If you have ever fallen – maybe you lost your balance or slipped on ice – you’ve experienced the fear associated with losing traction and the associated pain or injury. It’s also likely you were really scared it could happen again, especially as you age. Dogs can experience similar feelings about slipping and falling.

Here are three simple solutions you can try immediately for dog with a degree of nerve damage (wobbly legs, dogs using a wheelchair):

Change the floor surface

Cathy Symons, CVT, CCRP  and Chris Cranston, MPT, CCRP. at PetAbility offer specific ideas and products to help the IVDD Community with a dog’s traction issues.

Add something to the paws

Dogs living in homes with tile, vinyl, or hardwood flooring experience a lot of slipping and sliding. Check out the many options for your dog’s paws to assist with traction.

Focus on paw care

There are a few simple things we can do on a regular basis to help with grip and traction.

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