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Find IVDD vet – surgeon interview

You are in the right place to learn strategies to find an IVDD vet & get surgery answers

  • Special interview with Dr. Isaacs, DVM, ACVIM (Neurology):  ⸗ Indicators for Surgery  ⸗ Medications   ⸗ PT  ⸗ Crate Rest  ⸗ Discharge Day
  • Tips and questions to ask when hiring an IVDD vet for your dog’s health care team.
  • Directories to neuro (ACVIM) and ortho (ACVS) surgery specialist.

“Dodgerslist is the premier website dedicated to information about paralysis in Dachshunds”  –Dr. Jonathan M. Levine DVM, ACVIM (Neurology), Texas A & M University

 “Gone are the days when you simply followed your vet’s orders and asked few, if any questions. The vet is now a member of your dog’s health-care team, and you get to be the team captain!”  ~Dr. Nancy Kay, DVM, DACVIM. 

Owners and vets won’t know a dog was born with IVDD until the first signs appear, typically when the dog is between 3 and 7 years old. This is why so many owners are blindsided when they see their dog showing symptoms or paralysis. Learn about IVDD should signs of IVDD show up in your dog.

 ⸗ Indicators for Surgery  ⸗ Medications   ⸗ PT  ⸗ Crate Rest  ⸗ Discharge Day

Tips & questions to ask when hiring a vet to be on your dog’s IVDD health care team.

IVDD Primer- Introduction

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