After post-op rest or conservative rest, ideas and information to enjoy living many happy years ahead with your IVDD dog.


Graduated – Living with IVDD

Living With IVDD  

Congratulations on your dog’s graduation from the required rest period for a disc episode! IVDD dog owners will need to modify for a new “normal” routine for daily life. Read about ideas for everything from food to having fun!

Quick IVDD overview

  • Expect to enjoy many happy years with your IVDD dog.
  • Review what you have learned from the past weeks. 
  • Be at the ready if you need to apply what you have learned in the future!
  • See all 6 illustrated IVDD Primer Strips. Easy to share with the family.

Gradually & safely return to family life

Tips and Ideas after graduation from a disc episode. Introduce back friendly home activities. Make home modifications for your IVDD dog.

Safe way to carry a dog

How to lift and carry an IVDD dog to protect the discs. Necessary pet carrier features.

Nail trimming  for health


  • Safer traction for cart dogs.
  • avoid painful overgrown nails, arthritis; encourage a normal gait.

Garments to protect

Protect the paralyzed dog.

  • barrier to ground bacteria entering the bladder.
  • prevent rug burns

PT for paralyzed legs

Continue PT and rehab for paralyzed or weak legs after graduation from rest period of Conservative Treatment or after a surgery.

Easy ramp training demo

  • Make your home back friendly with ramps.
  • re-train your dog for back safety.

Fun IVDD activities

Lots of ways to enjoy your IVDD dog and have fun! Encourage the back friendly activities.

  • Quality of life
  • Dogs take life a moment at a time and enjoy it for all it has to offer.

Bladder & bowel Control

  • Incontinence tips
  • keeping the bladder healthy from UTIs
  • skin care
  • exercise
  • Sample  Feeding-Expressing Schedule

Always use a leash w/harness

  • Collars for an IVDD dog are just to hold dog tags!
  • There are many good harnesses in the market
  • Fitting tips and suggested manufacturers.

Diet and Nutrition

  • Consider if there is a need to change foods only after the end of conservative treatment or the post-op rest period.
  • How to read tricky dog food labels like a pro.
  • How to grade your current dog food.
  • See food brands to best fit your pocket book.


  • Imaging: Xray, MRI, CT and myelogram.
  • IVDD dogs have a special risk whenever under anesthesia for dentals, x-rays, etc.
  • 5 Things to know about dentals

Discourage jumping on furniture

  • Reduce the stress on the discs
  • Make your home back friendly 

Weak legs- smooth floor issues?

  • 3 traction improvement solutions
  • For wobbly and cart dogs

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