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Diet and nutrition

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Nutrition, Diet and Weight

After crate rest is complete a dog needs to have proper total nutrition for the body to rebuild, for the discs and spinal cord to heal and nerves to regenerate. Diet and nutrients play a major role during the weeks or even months of recovery.

During crate rest after surgery or with conventional treatment, diet changes are not recommended. During IVDD treatment, you do not want any confusion in figuring out if diarrhea/stomach issues are food related vs. a more serious medication related problem.

Commercial Kibble

Find a dog food that has two animal proteins listed in the first 3 ingredients, preferably the first two, and that is preserved naturally with vitamin C or E (avoid chemicals BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin or propyl gallate). Look for specifically named meats such as chicken, chicken meal, turkey, turkey meal, lamb, lamb meal, eggs. Avoid beef/chicken/turkey/lamb byproductsgeneric meats such as meat meal, fish meal, poultry meal. Avoid any food that contains corn as a first ingredient (ground or otherwise). Don’t choose a food based on supplements like glucosamine, chondroitin and probiotics as generally they are not included in large enough doses to actually provide a therapeutic effect in kibble. Purchasing a stand-alone supplement product is likely to bring better results. There are many good choices of kibble or canned food once you know what to look for, pick one that fits your pocketbook.

More on Diets

Confer with your vet before changing prescription diets for dogs with health issues such as heart, liver, allergies, etc.

The red line belly indicates an overweight, unhealthy dog. Check out these:  Diet strategies from the Dodgers Digest article “Overweight?” providing good tips for successfully reducing weight.

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