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Harnesses not Collars

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Harnesses for the IVDD dog

Always attach the leash to a harness. Protect the soft neck area and from stress on the spine.
  • There are many good harnesses in the market.
  • IVDD dog owners should specifically seek a harness that does not wrap around the neck nor sit on the soft tissue of the neck.
  • A leash should always be attached to a harness, not the collar.
  • Collars for IVDD dogs are only used as a necklace to hold tags.

Harness fitting

  • Avoid harnesses where the pulling stress is on the soft area of the neck.
  • The problem in getting a good harness fit  can be similar to us having to try on several brands of jeans til we find what fits our bodies.
  • You might see if one of these manufacturers has the right fit for your dog.
Product Examples:

Two styles of tags for the collar

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