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Meds with a disc episode

How a combination of medications work during a disc episode

You are in the right place to learn about the medications used with a disc episode. 

  • An anti-inflammatory is used to resolve painful swelling. 
  • Pain medications provide comfort from pain while swelling is being resolved. 
  • A stomach protector guards against the extra acids all anti-inflammatories cause. Change in routine also often causes stress and increased stomach acids.

The key to safely using IVDD meds is the vet and owner working together in monitoring the dog while using medications.

Owners need to recognize adverse side effects while caring for a dog at home. The ability to alert the vet of side effects provides the extra safety benefit when caring for a dog at home.

How long should it take for pain to stop? Which meds are used?  Neuropathic phantom pain signs to be aware of.

Why stomach protection is important during the use of any anti-inflammatory drug (steroid or a non-steroid NSAID).

Steroids vs. non-steroidals (NSAIDS). 6 things owners should know about these two classes of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Learn the adverse side effects for each med your dog takes at the: Mar Vista Vet DRUG LOOKUP directory

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