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The right place! What to expect: dog disc disease – IVDD

Understand how healing works during a dog disc IVDD episode

Getting an IVDD disc episode diagnosis for your dog can be overwhelming. The “unknown” is a scary place. Gain insight on what the disc needs to heal.  You are in the right place to learn!  Begin to feel confidence YOU can play an instrumental role in your dog’s care.  A dog’s body has the ability to self repair the disc and with time nerves, too.  Proper home care can often avoid a surgery.

Different parts of the body need different care to heal

  • A bulging, torn, or herniated disc needs limited movement of the vertebrae to heal. Think minimal footsteps at potty time instead of walking around! Similar to an ankle can heal, if one stays off it. A disc can heal with limited movement the recovery suite provides. Things like potty time, carry your dog to and from the potty place to avoid walking around.
  • Nerves self heal over time.
  • An anti-inflammatory resolves the pain of swollen tissue around the spinal cord. 
  • Pain medications allow the dog to heal in comfort until the anti-inflammatory has finished its work.

Disc damage self repairs only with time and limited movement to allow scar tissue to form. 100% STRICT rest 24/7 for 8 weeks during conservative treatment.

Nerves self heal with time. Think in terms of months rather than days/weeks for slow healing nerves to regenerate enough to bring back bladder control and leg functions.

Medications are combined during a disc episode to:

  • protect stomach lining from bleeding ulcers
  • give quick comfort from pain within the hour, thereafter round the clock
  • rid the body of inflamed & painful spinal cord swelling in 7 to 30 days
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