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Leg spasms-kicking

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Dr. Andrew Isaacs
DVM Diplomate ACVIM (Neurology)
Dogwood Veterinary Referral Center

Primary interests include intervertebral disc disease, seizure management, luxations/fractures of the spine, and surgery for brain tumors



My 10 year old Doxie is an IVDD survivor. She had surgery 5 years ago and made a full recovery . Lately she has been having some leg spasms. Left hind leg. Spasm is the best way I can describe it. The back leg kicks back and out several times. I’ve noticed this a few times in the past where it happened and the it was over. However tonight it has been happening frequently. Could this be related to IVDD? She does not appear to have any other symptoms or be in any discomfort . I have an apt with her neurologist next week. And I think I will call the place she did rehab therapy after surgery. I would love some input of this is normal or should be of concern. Thank you


Dawn, this is a good question.  It is not unusual for us to see some dogs develop chronic upper motor neuron (UMN) reflexes post IVDD episodes.  Depending on the degree of the injury the reflexes in the legs can get up regulated leading to exaggerated/hyper reflexes.  This may be the case with your girl, but it definitely would be worth having the neurologist examine her just to make sure there is nothing new going on.  It can be difficult, but if you are able to get video of the episodes it can help in determining the cause.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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