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IVDD slipped disc back pain -Shortcut Thru IVDD

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Indicators Of A Back Pain

Symptoms for an IVDD slipped disc are not just back pain but can include loss of nerve function in the legs and bladder control.

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One or any symptom: back pain, nerve function loss:

  1. General indications of an IVDD slipped (herniated) disc pain is back pain (shivering/trembling, not wanting to move, not wanting to eat, yelping, tightened tummy, nose to ground if a neck disc).
  2. Weakness or loss of ability to move legs. (dragging nails, wobbly walking).
  3. Emergency situation: loss of complete leg use or bladder/bowel control such as finding urine or poop in the bedding or leaks when you pick up the dog. Rapid loss of function in a matter of hours is an indicator of an emergency.

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If the above  symptoms currently describes your dog. Take quick action to get your dog to a vet, now!  

EMERGENCY FAQ  page:  https://dodgerslist.com/emergency-faq/


IVDD slipped disc back pain examples

Disc material escapes a torn (herniated) or slipped disc & presses on the spinal nerve cord to cause back pain. A herniated disc can result in severe nerve damage (leg paralysis and loss of bladder control). NOTE: human spine shown. The disc herniation process is similar in dogs.  

Illustration with permission of Spine Universe 

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