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Know your C, T, and L discs plus a success story

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Where is a C3-C4 disc?

  •  C’s are for the neck (cervical)
  •  T’s for Thoracic (the chest, where the ribs are)
  •  L’s for Lumbar (after the ribs and before the hips).
The vertebrae bones are numbered, not the discs in-between (intervertebral) vertebrae. C3-C4 for example means the herniation is between Cervical Vertebra 3 and Cervical Vertebra 4.

Beverly shared on Dodgerslist Facebook page how IVDD knowledge helped her dog.

Unfortunately, I found Dodgerslist the same day my baby was in surgery. But finding them was a life saver! They helped me prepare for his home coming with a list of everything I’d need for his recovery. They also educated me of IVDD.

Even after surgery my baby “went down” roughly 9 times in the next 10 years of his life & each time, I was able to bring him back to walking without surgery. My vet calls me a miracle worker but I couldn’t have done it without DL. I educated my vet he distributed free DL pamphlets in his office. I hope that saved another doxie from the trauma & their owner from the expense of surgery.

DL advise, support resources are invaluable! With DL & a few modifications to my home & yard, I kept my other 2 doxies safe from severe IVDD (one is now 17 yrs old). Sadly I lost 2 of my doxies at age 15 to other illnesses.


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