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Hope and Quality of Life for All

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Not Sure What To Expect About Quality Of Life?

YES, Your Dog CAN Have a Great Quality of Life!

True success with IVDD is measured by the most important goal of returning your dog to a pain free, happy and full-of-love quality of life after a surgery or from conservative treatment. Should paralysis occur, please know that dogs do not view the lack of ability to walk as a minus as humans do. Dogs adjust to what is and then get on with the business of fully enjoying all that life has to offer until nerves repair! Learn how to rethink things if you are struggling the quality of life question:

Wheelchairs are for living life while waiting on nerve function to return!  You never know where life will take you.   What is important to dogs is not how to get from point A to B, but that they can!

Clark runs like the wind.

Wheelchair dogs’ first visit to a beach!

Which dog is not like the others?

“The three dogs on the right are all IVDD Survivors! Jake in the cart went down 3.5 years ago. Reggie to his right recovered from his latest bout only a month before this photo was taken last summer. Angel, my darling grand-puppy, was the first to be born with IVDD. I don’t know what I would have done without the knowledge we gained here at Dodgerslist”  ~Anne

Cart dog runs with his friends.

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