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Disc Disease 101
Drs. Isaacs, Galle, ACVIM Neuro Corner

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One click for all literature:  http://www.dodgerslist.com/literature/litorder.htm

Help educate that disc disease is not a death sentence.

Don't leave the house w/o the small cards…  you never know when you'll meet an owner of breeds prone to disc disease (Dachshunds, Beagles, Poodles, Spaniels, Shih Tzus, Pekingese, and Chihuahuas are most affected)  order here: http://www.dodgerslist.com/literature/litorder.htm

The "Crate Rest Recovery" brochure for your vet would make an excellent addition to his toolbox for educating future clients. http://www.dodgerslist.com/literature/litorder.htm

General information about the disease PLUS at home care tips.  This is a good brochure for events.  http://www.dodgerslist.com/literature/litorder.htm

Introductory letter for your vet on what professionals have to say: http://www.dodgerslist.com/literature/litorder.htm

$3 DVD priced so everyone can afford this compilation of videos. View on your computer or the big TV screen with family and friends. Gives hope to owners, refresher demo on expressing and explains to family and friends about your dog's disease.  Knowledge is the power to protect and care for your IVDD dog.  $3  DVD includes shipping within the USA.  DVDs will work on any computer. No country coding means it will play on any DVD player.

Order here: http://www.dodgerslist.com/literature/litorder.htm

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