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Official Newsletter of the Dodgerslist. Only $8/yr to help fund Dodger’s work to save lives and avoid needless pain. It feels so good to help IVDD dogs!

Digest subscription for IVDD dogs- dog back pain
Dodgerslist Digest subscriptions for IVDD dogs

 It feels so good to help IVDD dogs!

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Only $8/yr to help fund Dodger’s work to save lives and avoid needless pain.

Your source for news featuring:

  1. Health issues for IVDD dogs
  2. Bright Outcomes featuring dogs who beat the odds
  3. Tips on living with your IVDD dog
  4. Fun stuff too!

Subscribers say:

I love the newsletter and read it cover to cover on the day it arrives.  Thank you for the wonderful work that goes into the newsletter to keep us all informed.  Lori W.

I’m not a fan of subscriptions, but this one is the ONLY one I WILL not do without. There is so much helpful information in this newsletter.
If you are a doxie, or any other dog owner for that matter, you should really consider having this. It’s not expensive, and it goes to a wonderful cause.

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