No amount is too small ($1, $5, $10, $50) or more, any and all contributions are greatly appreciated.

Big things on a shoestring budget


To make an off-line contribution, please follow these instructions:

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Linda Stowe, P.O.Box 5412, Frisco TX 75035

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No contribution is too small ($1, $5, $10, $50) or more. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated. Contributions are not tax deductible.

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100% of a contribution is used to educate

Because volunteers give of their time to staff the Care & Support Forum, produce the Dodgers Digest newsletter, design handouts, maintain the web pages and you help to distribute our pamphlets and flyers, there is very little overhead. No one receives compensation or salary including the founder, Linda Stowe.

From all of us here on Dodgerslist,  thank you for your support in helping us to spread the word about IVDD as a disease, treatment and care, and that life for fur kids with IVDD can be a happy life, full of fun and love. And most importantly, thank you on behalf of all of the dogs whose lives you will help save through your generosity in assisting us in our quest to spread the word about IVDD.

Educating wherever there are breeds prone to IVDD

All earned monies and contributions fund these projects to help educate about IVDD:

▪️ ISP web page hosting and domain name registration

▪️ Printing of educational pamphlets and cards for distribution

▪️ Postage to mail out Dodgerslist handouts to members, vets, and surgeons.

▪️ Placement of ads in dog magazines

▪️ Ad freeCare and Support Forum


This information is presented for educational purposes and as a resource for the dog IVDD community. The coordinators are not veterinarians or health care professionals. Nothing herein should be interpreted as medical advice all should contact their pet care professionals for advice. The coordinators are not responsible for the substance and content contained herein and do not advocate any particular product, item or position contained herein.

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