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Healing the disc

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Details on the four phases of healing


Discs  self-heal with limited movement in 8 weeks  READ MORE

Pain relief in 1 hour or less when correct combo of pain meds are on board   READ MORE

Inflamed tissues may need an anti-inflammatory in the range of 7-30 days to fully resolve all swelling around the spinal cord.  READ MORE

Nerves self heal with time.  READ MORE

There is not a wrong or right choice. If a surgery is, for whatever reason, not a consideration, conservative treatment is the best choice. Owner education is key!  READ MORE

What it takes to heal each phase

Medications do these things:

▪️Steroid  or a  NSAID  reduces swelling in approx. 7-30 days


▪️Pain medications  give comfort from the pain of inflammation around the spinal cord nerves.


▪️Pepcid AC  protects the stomach lining from the anti-inflammatory (steroid or a NSAID)

Dr. Horsche, DVM: review of Disc Disease
RAMPS eliminate impact!

Time and the body heal these:

▪️Disc damage is repaired only by time and limited movement to allow scar tissue to form. 100% STRICT rest 24/7 for 8 weeks during conservative treatment.


▪️Nerves heal with time. Think in terms of months for nerves to regenerate enough to bring back bladder control and leg functions.


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