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Strict Rest how to

At home nursing care, support, and ideas

Nursing Care Tips

No need to reinvent the wheel with at-home nursing care during a disc episode.

  • Lots of member tips
  • Useful supplies
  • Review on bladder expressing
  • Cervical (neck) disc care and more.

Expressing for paralyzed dogs

  • Bladder expressing is a very real health concern to prevent infection (UTI) and maintain bladder muscle tone
  • Poop Expressing relieves a dog’s anxiety of unexpected poops where they sleep

Neck disc pain

Extra things to do at home to help with cervical (neck) pain

  • looks with eyes, rather than turn head
  • head low or high to the ground
  • avoids bearing weight on front limb(s)

Laser &  Acupuncture

  • These therapies can aid in kick-starting the body to self-repair nerves.
  • There are cautions to be aware of with these therapies.

Check out the Dodgerslist Care and Support Forum.

Ask specific questions  about your dog. Learn tips in making the post-op or during conservative treatment rest period go smoother.

STRICT REST procedure and tips

Disc healing strict rest is  a “recovery suite” with room service!


Active PT as soon as the surgeon directs.

Conservative treatment for paralyzed legs

  1. Off all meds gives proof all pain is gone. Then….
  2. Limit to range of motion (ROM) and massage
  3. Maintain principals of limited neck & back movement as disc continues healing til graduation day.
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