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information about paralysis in Dachshunds
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Dodgerslist Disc Disease Forum

There is good hope and it IS in the cards for all dogs to get back to enjoying life again with their family. Make sure you are giving the gift your dog needs right now with STRICT rest.  Tell your pup all is going to be ok, because it will be!  Don't make any decisions you cannot reverse! 
#1 Make sure you have protected your dog's spinal cord with 100% STRICT crate rest 24/7 only out at potty times. Carry to and from the potty place. At potty times just the very fewest of footsteps to get the job done then carry back to the recovery suite.

#2 He needs to be seen by a vet for a diagnosis and the right medications just as soon as possible. The sooner medications are on board the sooner healing can get underway, pain be brought under control and deterioration of neuro functions be avoided.



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