3 traction solutions improvements. Help a dog with any degree of nerve damage (wobbly legs, dogs using a wheelchair). Have you ever fallen or lost your balance? Scared it could happen again? IVDD Dogs with nerve damage can experience similar feelings about slipping and falling.


Can't safely lift your heavy dog?     🤙Simple idea to overcome the challenges during a disc episode: Recovery suites • Potty time  • Bladder Expressing & health • Lifting Aids.


Dog back pain (IVDD). With dwarfed breeds a prevalent cause of back pain is intervertebral disc disease. Often it is not until the dog is 3-7 old, and with first signs of pain, the owner and the vet first learn the dog has this disease.


We can all take actions which may help prevent or prolong the next disc episode by reducing the stress on the discs in between the vetertebrae of the spine. Some ways of doing that are to limit jumping, and avoid stairs, and training them NOT to fly.


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