Living with IVDD

after a disc episode

A quick over view:

▪️ Your success in surviving an IVDD episode!

▪️ A map of how to handle many happy years ahead with your furry friend!

schedule - Back friendly home activity

A sample schedule for a gradual re-introduction back to family life from a surgery or graduating from conservative treatment rest.

▪️ How to retrain your dog for desired, safer back behavior.

▪️ Back friendly activities to encourage.


Proper horizontal way to protect the IVDD back

How to protect the back when lifting and carrying. Pet carrier features for the IVDD dog.  SEE MORE

There are many good harnesses in the market. IVDD dog owners should look for a harness that does not wrap around the neck nor sit on the soft tissue of the neck.  READ MORE for fitting tips and suggested manufacturers.

Garments to Protect  the paralyzed dog.  A garment can be a barrier to ground bacteria entering the bladder. Garments also prevent rug burns as a dog scoots. Is your dog a frog-like or seal-like scooter?  LEARN MORE

Continuing PT and rehab for paralyzed or weak legs after graduation from rest period.  SEE MORE

Ideas, tips, instructions to make your home back friendly PLUS how to re-train your dog to be safe with his back.  LEARN MORE

FUN back friendly activities. READ MORE

Imaging: Xray, MRI, CT and myelogram. When they are used. How to handle dental x-rays and anesthesia  with an IVDD dog. READ MORE

Incontinence tips for a garment to protect, keeping the bladder healthy from UTIs, skin care, exercise, and a sample  Feeding-Expressing Schedule  LEARN MORE

We can all take actions which may help prevent or prolong the next disc episode by reducing the stress on the discs in between the vetertebrae of the spine. Some ways of doing that are to limit jumping, and avoid stairs, and training them NOT to fly off  furniture. FIND OUT MORE

Nail trim for health- nails too long

Nail trimming for health means safer traction for wheelchair dogs. Walking dogs can avoid painful overgrown nails, arthritis and encourage a normal gait.  LEARN HOW

Diet and Nutrition     READ MORE


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