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Dodgerslist Presentations On Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)

Choose your style of learning.

  • Foreign language material in Spanish, French, Italian and Polish materials.
  • 6 Video series on disc disease A to Z.
  • Illustrated strips, good for helping children understand their pet’s disease
  • Shortcut thru IVDD is a read along with the narrator with lots of photos and illustrations.

Watch all 6 of the Dodgerslist Video series

    Individual videos in the series:
  1. Why there is hope for all
  2. Living with IVDD
  3. Dr. Lawson, DVM, on the 2 IVDD treatments
  4. How to set up the recovery suite
  5. Tips of expressing the bladder
  6. How to express for poop

6 Illustrated IVDD Primer Strips. Perfect for helping children understand their pet's disease

  1. Intro: What is IVDD?
  2. What does a herniation (slipped disc, torn disc) look like-symptoms?
  3. Treatment options
  4. Crate rest (aka: recovery suite with room service).
  5. Bladder care
  6. Living with IVDD

Foreign Language Materials

French (Français)

Italian - (italiano) 

  • General Brochure –
    Malattia Degenerativa Del Disco Intervertebrale & terapie (Conservativa e post-operazione)

Polish  (Polski) 

Spanish (Español)
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